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Setup Financial Services Company in Dubai Freezone Company

Setup Financial Services Company in Dubai

Financial Services in Dubai has seen tremendous growth in Dubai over the last decade. Dubai became the financial center in the Middle East. Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is key to this success. DIFC helps foreign investors to setup financial …

setting up a healthcare business in dubai Freezone Company

Setting up Healthcare Business in Dubai

Healthcare is a growing industry around the world. Many countries are inventing and adopting new technologies to protect people from prevalent chronic diseases. UAE is also one nation which is working towards the uplifting of its health sector. Dubai, among

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service license in Dubai Trade License

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service license in Dubai

Dubai has witnessed massive progress in the business world. The transformation from an oil-based economy to a business hub is a result of the favorable business policies of the government. Besides, best-in-class infrastructure, use of advanced technology, strategic location have …

precious metal trading Mainland Company

Precious metal trading in Dubai

Dubai boasts cultural diversity. The favorable business environment, world-class infrastructure, have made Dubai the most sought-after business and leisure destination. Thus, providing a suitable atmosphere for small, medium, and big enterprises. According to the 2017 report, Dubai topped the list …

Why need a Local sponsor in dubai PRO Services

Why need a Local Sponsor to Register a Company…

Dubai was an oil-based economy. However, in the last two decades, Dubai has transformed into a business hub. The state-of-the-art technology, world-class amenities, and business-friendly policies of the government have attracted foreign investment. Moreover, the geographic location also has contributed …

Electronic Media license Media License

Electronic Media License

Print and Electronic Media license Dubai fall under various government-owned groups. Most importantly the National Media Council (NMC) is the main regulating authority in UAE.

Dubai is a place of expats from different countries, with different languages. Therefore, the mass …

retirement visa in dubai PRO Services

Retirement Visa in Dubai

Dubai is a gorgeous city. The working environment, the business-friendly policies, infrastructural facilities, and economic wealth attracts people all over the world to settle in Dubai. The UAE government announced the introduction of a Retirement Visa in Dubai, as part …