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Healthcare Facility License in Dubai

How to Get Healthcare Facility License in Dubai

Healthcare is a basic requirement for all of us. Investors in Dubai are always looking to get benefits from this sector. In Dubai, healthcare facility license approval authority is Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which issues the final permit to perform …

Register Technical Services License in Dubai Mainland

Register Technical Services License in Dubai Mainland

Dubai is one of the most visited place in the world. For this reason, the government is drastically improving the overall economic conditions for the investors. Investors from all over the world are showing real interest in technical services license …

Instant License Dubai

Get Instant License in Dubai

In the 21st century when everything is moving towards amazing transformation, Dubai has its own idea for innovation giving the investors an option to register their business in just 5 minutes calling it Instant License. Dubai Economic Department has revamped …

How to Get General Trading License

Getting General Trading License in Dubai

General trading license is a license in which firms are involved in import, export and trading of all the allowed goods or products. There are few goods/products which are not allowed in this activity i.e., alcohol, cars, medical equipment, gold …