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shams free zone

Shams Free Zone License

Sharjah Media City (Shams) was launched in January 2017. The main aim of setting up Shams Free Zone was the growth of the creative and media business. It is a world-class media hub with innovative facilities and services. Shams Free …

Pest Control Business in Dubai

How to start a pest control business in Dubai?

The pest control business in Dubai may sound a little squeamish at first but it has a lot of scopes. Dubai is a city with many skyscrapers, malls, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It’s a difficult task to maintain the status quo. …

Professional Trade License in Dubai

Professional Trade License in Dubai

Dubai is already known as a business hub. Many entrepreneurs are coming to Dubai to set up their business here. The business-friendly policies of the government attract businessmen from all over the world to Dubai. In addition, infrastructure technology and …

Amazon Business License

Amazon Business License in UAE

The UAE corporate environment is conducive to business growth and expansion. The UAE government has made the business incorporation process uncomplicated. If the documents are in place, the incorporation process would be much smoother. Therefore, the UAE has become a …

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service license in Dubai

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service license in Dubai

Dubai has witnessed massive progress in the business world. The transformation from an oil-based economy to a business hub is a result of the favorable business policies of the government. Besides, best-in-class infrastructure, use of advanced technology, strategic location have …

Electronic Media license

Electronic Media License

Print and Electronic Media license Dubai fall under various government-owned groups. Most importantly the National Media Council (NMC) is the main regulating authority in UAE.

Dubai is a place of expats from different countries, with different languages. Therefore, the mass …

cleaning services license in Dubai

Cleaning Services License in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its skyscrapers. Many companies are set up here. For instance, start-ups, small-medium enterprises, multinationals. Many top brands in the world have their branches in Dubai. Dubai is desert land. The hot climate and sand affect the …

transportation service license in Dubai

Transportation Service License in Dubai

Two decades ago, Dubai was known to the world for its oil reserves. Dubai’s economy was an oil-based economy. However, now it has turned into a business hub. The pleasant corporate environment, low taxes, world-class infrastructure, large international airports, splendid …