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food truck license in Dubai

Food Truck License in Dubai


Dubai is a land where you will witness a mixture of culture, ethnicity, traditions, and most importantly food. The oil market and the construction boom have attracted a large number of ex-pats into this magnificent city. Moreover, the rising …

nursery business in dubai

Nursery business in Dubai


Dubai has been growing and adding up new services every year. There has been a constant increase in the number of expats opening new businesses all over Dubai. Moreover the increase in opportunities has led to migration of even …

Social media company in dubai

Social Media Marketing Business License Dubai

Social Media has altogether created a new world where people share and exchange stories and experiences. Besides, it has also substituted old communication channels like newspaper, television and radio. Even the marketers all over the world prefer social networking sites …

Virtual Business License in Dubai

Virtual Business License in Dubai

Dubai offers one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial environments to conduct business efficiently. The flexibility of the market also provides a wider scope for foreign investments. Moreover, the supportive government policies make the establishment of companies a lot easier. One …

Renting office space in Dubai

Renting Office Space in Dubai

An appropriate workspace that has required facilities is spacious and has a good ambiance is heaven for the employees. In addition, the first impression of the business premises creates a lasting impression on the customers and clients. For a businessman, …

Reasons to Hire A Business consultant

Reasons to Hire a Business Consultant

Doing business in Dubai is attractive to businessmen all over the world. To set up a company in Dubai, the procedures and rules need to be followed precisely to avoid future hassles. For new businesses, the procedures may prove quite …

Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark Registration in the UAE is voluntary, but there are many advantages of doing it. It protects the brand from any illegal use. It is also a proof that the brand only belongs to one and one have full rights …

Waste Management Business in RAK

Waste Management Business in RAK

UAE is already a business hub. With business friendly policies of the government, more and more business houses are setting up their business in UAE. Moreover, people from different regions are settling here bringing diversity. As the number of industries …

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy

Humans have been consuming and misusing the natural resources since last many decades. As a result, natural resources have depleted so much that there is a dire need of renewable resources. Many cities are planning and adopting new technologies to …

Fujairah 2040 Plan

Fujairah 2040 Plan

Fujairah 2040 Plan is looking to upgrade the economy of Fujairah. The municipality has started to work on improving roads, building ports and houses and healthcare facilities. The plan also focuses on providing opportunities for investors to invest in the …