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Dubai Clean Energy Strategy General

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy

Humans have been consuming and misusing the natural resources since last many decades. As a result, natural resources have depleted so much that there is a dire need of renewable resources. Many cities are planning and adopting new technologies to …

Fujairah 2040 Plan General

Fujairah 2040 Plan

Fujairah 2040 Plan is looking to upgrade the economy of Fujairah. The municipality has started to work on improving roads, building ports and houses and healthcare facilities. The plan also focuses on providing opportunities for investors to invest in the …

Dubai Tourist Destinations General

Dubai Tourist Destinations

Dubai is known all over the world for the wonderful tourist destinations. Dubai flaunts attractive malls, high rises, beaches, resorts, water parks, and many more in its list of tourist places. A large number of people world over throng Dubai …

Dubai Virtual Company General

Dubai Virtual Company


Virtual Company Management or Dubai Virtual Company has become easy due to the Dubai Virtual Commercial City program and new Virtual Company License.

Dubai Virtual Commercial City (VCC)

Dubai Virtual Commercial City program (VCC) helps professionals across the world to …

Travel and Tourism business in UAE Mainland Company

Travel and Tourism Business in UAE

The UAE has known the world over for its mind-boggling tourist sites. It’s one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. The tourism business contributes majorly to the GDP of the UAE Around 5.4 % of the …

Laundry Business in Dubai Mainland Company

Laundry Business in Dubai

The lifestyle of people around the world is changing and evolving greatly. Their life has become more hectic with advent of technology and internet. Indeed there are various services that provides a relief to people and makes their life easy. …

Opening a Coffee Shop in Dubai Mainland Company

Opening a Coffee Shop in Dubai

The Middle East is attracting a plethora of tourists and businessmen alike. The main reason for the development of business is the introduction of business-friendly policies by the rulers. A large number of tourists are coming every year to this …

Kids Amusement Arcade in Dubai Mainland Company

Kids Amusement Arcade in Dubai

Dubai has opened its gate to various businesses. People are coming to Dubai with loads of creative ideas and in turn get opportunities to prove them. Dubai authorities provide huge support to set up a startup or to expand an …

How to Setup Supermarket in UAE Mainland Company

How to Setup Supermarket in UAE?

UAE has always opened its doors to foreign investors who want to invest and explore the business market. All the sectors have equal opportunities for individuals that have great future prospects. Food and beverage sector are one among the industries …

Small Business in Dubai Mainland Company

Small Business in Dubai

Dubai is truly called business heaven. Dubai facilitates the growth of business with its excellent business-friendly policies. In addition, it also provides support and encouragement to small business in Dubai to grow and flourish.

Small business is a partnership, sole …